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April 14, 2011 / fcapuno

The New Patcher

Original News Post:


This past February we began soliciting applicants to help us begin testing on our new patcher. Since then, many players have stepped up to help test the new software in preparation for a broader release.

After this first round of testing, we’re ready for primetime. Very soon, the new patcher will become the default patcher distributed to players just beginning their career as League of Legends Summoners.

Now, if you’re not ready to adopt the new patcher just yet, don’t worry! Your old patcher will still work! If, on the other hand, you’re ready to join the revolution, here’s how you can upgrade your current patcher to the new one!
1. Before you get started, make sure to download a recent copy of the League of Legends installer, to use as a backup in case anything goes wrong. You can find this by going here.
2. Make sure your League of Legends installation is fully patched up, and you can login/start a game.
3. Download the Migrator ( file)
4. Extract the lol.launcher.exe file and place it into your League of Legends installation directory.
5. Run League of Legends from the Start Menu or from the shortcut on your Desktop, which will begin the migration.

If you’re set on hanging on to your current patcher for the time being, bear in mind that within the next few weeks we will be transitioning everyone over to the new system. If you haven’t installed the new patcher yourself by then, you’ll automatically be updated! So just sit back and enjoy the ride!

The new patcher is almost here, summoners! Be ready!

Oh yeah. Looks like the patcher is going to get a shiny new look. I’ve already migrated. Have you?


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