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April 11, 2011 / fcapuno

My Relationship to FROGaiming

FROGaiming is “Freaking Ridiculous Online Gaming”, a small group of friends who enjoy gaming of course. Since my name was mentioned in this video, yes, I’m part of this group of friends. No arguments there.

We’re simply a group of Average Joe gamers, who, while we aren’t ridiculously skilled, we enjoy what we do. Aren’t most gamer groups like that though? Regardless, we have our quirks and faults. I certainly do.

Just on the subject of my personal dynamic with the rest of everyone, I honestly am a Number Cruncher. It’s a bit exaggerated, but that’s generally the gist of who I am. I’m fairly poor at simply using my gut instinct to pull off anything ridiculous.

Xanesh (since he’s jittery about giving out his name in public), is more of the opposite of me, where he has a very similar knowledge base to me, but goes with more of his instinct than a number sheet like I do. We do bounce off each other in conversation on what we know about certain game mechanics and things we know.

Shaun (who plays as SummerSage in the video) is actually more of a watered down version of all of us. He has good potential, but doesn’t push himself to get to a higher level. We do almost entirely just stomp our way through a game on our own terms (which is to get good at a game as fast as possible sometimes). He’s going through on his own terms as well, just slower than us in my opinion. It’s not a bad thing. He’ll probably end up as more a well-rounded type of guy at this pace.

There are also certainly other people who switch in with us as well, such as my friend Grav, who I still think needs to take it a bit easier when playing. There’s also Suzu and more recently FAVE (since I don’t know how he feels about me posting up his name or his username) and they bring their own dynamic to the table on occasion with their own quirks and faults.

In fact, Suzu is part of FROGaiming, but I haven’t talked to her or played games with her in awhile. It would certainly be nice to catch up. Regardless though, I want to see where we go since Shaun’s made this group and actually is doing something with it. I hope we seriously can grow out of just another face in the crowd, really. Not likely for that to happen, but it’s worth a shot. Of course, I’ll be doing my part as well.

Since we have a Youtube channel just for FROGaiming things, I’ll be making videos for uploading as soon as I get some hard-disk space. Hehe.


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