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April 11, 2011 / fcapuno

League of Legends Patch Preview

This seems like a pretty good patch for me, especially since I don’t play a high Utility Champion like Teemo or Nocturne often and prefer to play other assassins or casters. However, I can easily tell you their effect on my personal game play as well as my team’s. We were fairly displeased, especially since we started seeing Teemo more and more often. Who know if it’s because he was Flavor of the Month due to the reception from TheRainMan pushing HotshotGG out of the #1 spot, or simply because people started seeing more and more of his potential and he suddenly became a “somewhat better than last pick” type of character.

My friend FAVE (which I will say is a exaggeratedly loving acronym of his user name) does play Teemo and we love him to death when he goes the AP route. To people who worship trap characters and ward characters like us, his satellites, since he plays the amazing ASTRONAUT CAPTAIN TEEMO, it’s like a godsend. Regardless of how much we do indeed love him on our team, he was quite annoying to deal with on the opposing team. This is due to his utility and synergy with his skillset and passive stealth.

The only way we could counter his utility (mostly  his mushrooms) was sight giving abilities, Oracle Elixers or Vision Wards. This was the same as countering any stealth champion. Since we always had a Lee Sin, since my buddy, Grav, mains him, we weren’t too concerned. (Though, I sometimes wish he would take it a little easier in games and stop sounding so demoralizing by telling us how we make stupid mistakes or are absolutely awful with the characters we play. Haha.)

What we WERE annoyed at was his Utility. The large amount of mushroom slow, Move Quick, his Blind and the damage-over-time Poison made him a pain to deal with and shut us down most of the time when we tried getting Creep Source. It also made him very difficult to try to even catch him at all even when he was just on his own. Regardless, we weren’t pleased with him.

Nocturne got similar treatment from us, especially since I couldn’t blink out of his tether using Flash or using Akali’s Shadow Dance to move out of range or even Katarina’s Shunpo. I wasn’t bothered by anything more than the damn tether. It was almost a guaranteed kill for the opposing team. Combine his tether with the Duskbringer trail and you might as well stop moving. You aren’t getting away no matter how good your map awareness was. It’s not that we are bad players (at least not all of us suck. I suck at playing LoL), but it wasn’t like you had to be somewhat skilled to make Nocturne shine, even if we can point out how unskilled the Nocturne player was.

As for Tank-y DPS, the tweaks have been largely ineffective as they still do too much damage even while building almost pure tank. It’s kind of silly and more effective adjustments have been overdue for months. I’m glad they’re still working on them though. Leave the tanks as tanks, and tank-y DPS as tank-y DPS, I say! Tank-y DPS to me was more of a DPS-like character with tank-like qualities, but not really excelling in either one. More of a hybrid balance, not just a tank. Hopefully the tweaks from this patch start pulling people away from the more tank-like builds and convince them to build more of a mix between tank and DPS. I really doubt it though. I can wish and I can certainly take some criticism.

I suppose it’s more of my own personal meta. In fact, my personal meta says I must play a Female Tank that is not Poppy. I can’t use Poppy’s play style to save my life!

As for the Wriggles and Heart of Gold adjustments. YES. A million times: YES. Stacking two Hearts of Gold makes it a nightmare for me to kill someone when I’m not an AP character and I love AD Carries! Stupid turtle! /exaggerated QQ


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