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April 5, 2011 / fcapuno

Some Champions you just can’t do magic with

I was in a recent game playing Akali after a long string of losses with her. My team was actually quite sociable, but it’s so easy how two-faced the community is after they see loss on the horizon. While it does seem like I’m QQ’ing, no hard feelings on my team. I would think we’d be good friends if we didn’t lose.

Our team composition ended up being: Akali (me), Katarina, Shen, Fiddlesticks and Ashe.

Solid burst assassins, a tank, a caster and our carry.

The other team packed: Mundo, Caitlyn, Twisted Fate, Katarina and Lee Sin.

Good tank, good carry, some crazy AP/AD carry-assassin hybrid of doom and stun cards, a burst assassin and an average melee DPS.

It actually might have been a good match up too. Unfortunately, due to my lack of skill with Akali, I ended up feeding admittedly at 3/11/4. I’ve played a number of games with Akali but I’ve never gotten scores that bad, but looking at my match history, it seemed pretty clear. Akali wasn’t exactly my cup of tea with 10/10/3, 5/7/1 and 4/5/3 on top of my 3/11/4.

And of course I get called a feeder due to my poor scores. That is actually one thing I will admit to doing, because I didn’t do anything right in that match.

I can say that team was extremely passive. I can say my screen lags due to Lee Sin’s particles (Seriously though. Tempest makes my FPS go down from 32 FPS to 8 FPS). I can say anything in the book to shift blame on something else.

In the end though, I was at fault.

I can support a team with Sona with a 3/0/28.

I can tank (rather poorly) with Singed for a 17/6/28.

I can gank enemy champions with Katarina for 24/2/10.

What I can’t do, is burst people down with Akali. I can’t burst down people with Nocturne. And I can’t play Lee Sin for the life of me. I can play game after game after game but the result is the same. I simply can’t do anything for these champions.

I suppose no matter how hard you try, there are just some champions you can’t summon up magic for.


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