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April 4, 2011 / fcapuno

New Headset

Been poking around awhile and I sadly have to say I desperately need a new headset. It’s starting to get ridiculous how much you can hear with my Samson CO3U. And yes. I do use a USB Condenser Mic for voice work.

Good news, it picks up what it needs to, which is incidentally, everything, just like a condenser would. Unfortunately, that isn’t exactly going to fly when I’m trying to game. There are two flavors it comes in. Too quiet (microphone itself), and too loud (microphone plus my grating voice that I hate).

At the very least, I want to eliminate the background noise it picks up. No. Condensers aren’t designed to cancel noise. And that’s actually starting to be a problem. People can hear my clicking and typing as well as my piano from 3 rooms over when my door is open. It’s insane. This also means people are able to hear my family when they give me stern lectures. Oh man. Is that a doozy.

Either way, I really just need to rectify the situation. Hopefully, I can find a headset that works similarly to my old ones. Those were nice.


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