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March 18, 2011 / fcapuno

Why do these things bother me?

I will admittedly say I have a case of eczema. No doubt about it. You can see it if you ever take a good look at my face. It’s a very uncomfortable skin condition, I might add. There’s no real sure fire cure for it, just ways to prevent it which involve heavy skin hydration through creams, lotions and petroleum jelly as well as medicated ointments among other things.

Lately it’s been reappearing on my legs and arms, which it hasn’t since I was a child and needless to say, it’s very troublesome. It’s gotten to the point where I’m forcing myself to wrap my knees so I don’t involuntarily scratch them when I’m asleep.

Stupid Eczema is stupid

The problem being that it’s on both my knees and we only have one set of wrappings… As if I already had a hard time sleeping with my numerous nightmares and it being chilly in general, I don’t need this to inhibit my sleeping even more…


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