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February 18, 2011 / fcapuno

Homestuck – “Strife!” Album

DOOF! That is seriously the sound effect when I realized… So cooooool! If you are an MSPaintAdventures Homestuck fan, a new album by an amazing dude named Tensei, AKA Jorden de Bruin has been released.

[Andrew Hussie and Tensei] talked about it and thought it would be cool to make a bunch of battle music for hypothetical STRIFE pages. I think two words that adequately describe how it came out are holy shit. – Andrew Hussie

And that is probably how I would describe it as well. It is amazing. It sounds fantastic.


  1. Stormspirit 00:46
  2. Heir Conditioning [John] 03:53
  3. Dance of Thorns [Rose] 04:01
  4. Time on My Side [Dave] 03:28
  5. Atomic Bonsai [Jade] 04:20
  6. Knife’s Edge [Bro] 04:05

Album download also includes a hidden bonus track, plus PDF-format guitar and bass tabs for Heir Conditioning! – Strife! Download Page

The album sells for a moderate $4.13, an important number to any Homestuck fan.

On a personal note, I would say my favorite track is Atomic Bonsai, then again, I was always attracted to any kind of song with an Asian flair. That’s probably why I boiled down and got the entire Okami Soundtrack.


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