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September 10, 2011 / fcapuno

Playing a Children’s Card Game!

I’ve almost re-immersed myself playing Yu-gi-oh! after my Vent group had this huge phase of playing it everyday.  Nevertheless, it is an incredibly infectious game – one that a college student like myself shouldn’t be playing.

I even went through the trouble of purchasing new card sleeves for my old deck since my old sleeves were cheap and dingy. Pretty much after I put the cards in the new sleeves, I spent the rest of my time shuffling my deck over and over again. I always did love the feeling of cards in my fingers. Despite the fact that playing Yu-gi-oh! online is extremely convenient for me to play with cards I had previously owned (but had since traded away) or never owned, the feeling of real cards is always so much different.

I’m actually extremely excited and waiting for a shipment of several tins to build a new deck. Oh, how far I have fallen into nerd-ism.

April 14, 2011 / fcapuno

The New Patcher

Original News Post:


This past February we began soliciting applicants to help us begin testing on our new patcher. Since then, many players have stepped up to help test the new software in preparation for a broader release.

After this first round of testing, we’re ready for primetime. Very soon, the new patcher will become the default patcher distributed to players just beginning their career as League of Legends Summoners.

Now, if you’re not ready to adopt the new patcher just yet, don’t worry! Your old patcher will still work! If, on the other hand, you’re ready to join the revolution, here’s how you can upgrade your current patcher to the new one!
1. Before you get started, make sure to download a recent copy of the League of Legends installer, to use as a backup in case anything goes wrong. You can find this by going here.
2. Make sure your League of Legends installation is fully patched up, and you can login/start a game.
3. Download the Migrator ( file)
4. Extract the lol.launcher.exe file and place it into your League of Legends installation directory.
5. Run League of Legends from the Start Menu or from the shortcut on your Desktop, which will begin the migration.

If you’re set on hanging on to your current patcher for the time being, bear in mind that within the next few weeks we will be transitioning everyone over to the new system. If you haven’t installed the new patcher yourself by then, you’ll automatically be updated! So just sit back and enjoy the ride!

The new patcher is almost here, summoners! Be ready!

Oh yeah. Looks like the patcher is going to get a shiny new look. I’ve already migrated. Have you?

April 11, 2011 / fcapuno

My Relationship to FROGaiming

FROGaiming is “Freaking Ridiculous Online Gaming”, a small group of friends who enjoy gaming of course. Since my name was mentioned in this video, yes, I’m part of this group of friends. No arguments there.

We’re simply a group of Average Joe gamers, who, while we aren’t ridiculously skilled, we enjoy what we do. Aren’t most gamer groups like that though? Regardless, we have our quirks and faults. I certainly do.

Just on the subject of my personal dynamic with the rest of everyone, I honestly am a Number Cruncher. It’s a bit exaggerated, but that’s generally the gist of who I am. I’m fairly poor at simply using my gut instinct to pull off anything ridiculous.

Xanesh (since he’s jittery about giving out his name in public), is more of the opposite of me, where he has a very similar knowledge base to me, but goes with more of his instinct than a number sheet like I do. We do bounce off each other in conversation on what we know about certain game mechanics and things we know.

Shaun (who plays as SummerSage in the video) is actually more of a watered down version of all of us. He has good potential, but doesn’t push himself to get to a higher level. We do almost entirely just stomp our way through a game on our own terms (which is to get good at a game as fast as possible sometimes). He’s going through on his own terms as well, just slower than us in my opinion. It’s not a bad thing. He’ll probably end up as more a well-rounded type of guy at this pace.

There are also certainly other people who switch in with us as well, such as my friend Grav, who I still think needs to take it a bit easier when playing. There’s also Suzu and more recently FAVE (since I don’t know how he feels about me posting up his name or his username) and they bring their own dynamic to the table on occasion with their own quirks and faults.

In fact, Suzu is part of FROGaiming, but I haven’t talked to her or played games with her in awhile. It would certainly be nice to catch up. Regardless though, I want to see where we go since Shaun’s made this group and actually is doing something with it. I hope we seriously can grow out of just another face in the crowd, really. Not likely for that to happen, but it’s worth a shot. Of course, I’ll be doing my part as well.

Since we have a Youtube channel just for FROGaiming things, I’ll be making videos for uploading as soon as I get some hard-disk space. Hehe.

April 11, 2011 / fcapuno

League of Legends Patch Preview

This seems like a pretty good patch for me, especially since I don’t play a high Utility Champion like Teemo or Nocturne often and prefer to play other assassins or casters. However, I can easily tell you their effect on my personal game play as well as my team’s. We were fairly displeased, especially since we started seeing Teemo more and more often. Who know if it’s because he was Flavor of the Month due to the reception from TheRainMan pushing HotshotGG out of the #1 spot, or simply because people started seeing more and more of his potential and he suddenly became a “somewhat better than last pick” type of character.

My friend FAVE (which I will say is a exaggeratedly loving acronym of his user name) does play Teemo and we love him to death when he goes the AP route. To people who worship trap characters and ward characters like us, his satellites, since he plays the amazing ASTRONAUT CAPTAIN TEEMO, it’s like a godsend. Regardless of how much we do indeed love him on our team, he was quite annoying to deal with on the opposing team. This is due to his utility and synergy with his skillset and passive stealth.

The only way we could counter his utility (mostly  his mushrooms) was sight giving abilities, Oracle Elixers or Vision Wards. This was the same as countering any stealth champion. Since we always had a Lee Sin, since my buddy, Grav, mains him, we weren’t too concerned. (Though, I sometimes wish he would take it a little easier in games and stop sounding so demoralizing by telling us how we make stupid mistakes or are absolutely awful with the characters we play. Haha.)

What we WERE annoyed at was his Utility. The large amount of mushroom slow, Move Quick, his Blind and the damage-over-time Poison made him a pain to deal with and shut us down most of the time when we tried getting Creep Source. It also made him very difficult to try to even catch him at all even when he was just on his own. Regardless, we weren’t pleased with him.

Nocturne got similar treatment from us, especially since I couldn’t blink out of his tether using Flash or using Akali’s Shadow Dance to move out of range or even Katarina’s Shunpo. I wasn’t bothered by anything more than the damn tether. It was almost a guaranteed kill for the opposing team. Combine his tether with the Duskbringer trail and you might as well stop moving. You aren’t getting away no matter how good your map awareness was. It’s not that we are bad players (at least not all of us suck. I suck at playing LoL), but it wasn’t like you had to be somewhat skilled to make Nocturne shine, even if we can point out how unskilled the Nocturne player was.

As for Tank-y DPS, the tweaks have been largely ineffective as they still do too much damage even while building almost pure tank. It’s kind of silly and more effective adjustments have been overdue for months. I’m glad they’re still working on them though. Leave the tanks as tanks, and tank-y DPS as tank-y DPS, I say! Tank-y DPS to me was more of a DPS-like character with tank-like qualities, but not really excelling in either one. More of a hybrid balance, not just a tank. Hopefully the tweaks from this patch start pulling people away from the more tank-like builds and convince them to build more of a mix between tank and DPS. I really doubt it though. I can wish and I can certainly take some criticism.

I suppose it’s more of my own personal meta. In fact, my personal meta says I must play a Female Tank that is not Poppy. I can’t use Poppy’s play style to save my life!

As for the Wriggles and Heart of Gold adjustments. YES. A million times: YES. Stacking two Hearts of Gold makes it a nightmare for me to kill someone when I’m not an AP character and I love AD Carries! Stupid turtle! /exaggerated QQ

April 8, 2011 / fcapuno

Realm of the Titans Alpha Testing

I did manage to swing an Alpha testing key for Aeria Games’ Realm of the Titans. Needless to say. Another game in the MOBA Genre.

It looks good and it’s pretty smooth. It has a somewhat darker look to it which doesn’t exactly appeal to me and some of the menus are pretty cluttered. That’s why I’m alpha testing though to point these out I suppose.

All I can really say is wait for the beta testing. It should be much better then.

April 6, 2011 / fcapuno

League of Legends: Discussion – On Co-Op vs. AI, Normal Blind and Ranked Draft

Another discussion brought up due to a stray forum post! Hoo-rah! When will I stop doing this sort of buffon-ery?

Original Forum Post:

… Just had a game where I had my setup pre-done for jungle Noct, and another player (Udyr) requested the jungle. Being the nice guy, I said “sure”, and respec’ed right before the game started.

The Udyr player (no player account names here) then proceeds to fail at the jungle path (death to minions), fails all ganks, feeds the opponents at all ganks, and then admits “This is my first time playing him”.

When I told him that he would be better off practicing in “vs Bots” games, his reply was “Sorry for ruining your non-ranked normal game”.

I am sorry, but if I am going to trying something new, such as jungling (which DOES require a lot of practice to do effectively), or a new character, or even both at the same time, I will not subject other people to my “less than my best” game. Inflicting my ineptness on other people WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT is almost as bad as intentionally trolling my own team. At the very least, a heads-up as to his not having played the champ before would have been appreciated, as it would have changed how I was going to play.

Mostly a gripe session, but I do want to know what people consider the purpose of “normal” games ever since “vs Bot” games were released.

Of course. This is coming from me and my stupid opinion and me copy-pasta-ing what I’ve written on that topic, but to me…

Normal Games are more designed for casual play and you can clearly see that simply due to Blind Picking. You’re placed in a room and hope to win with the team comp you have based on the skill you have with said champions against an unknown team. To me, it seems it was more designed on the idea that extensive knowledge of game mechanics is a luxury for this game mode. People just seem to learn how the game mechanics work on a meta level because it helps them either way.

Since this has no associated reward, prestige or basically a scoreboard associated with this type of game play, there isn’t an inherent need to try and win. Thus, you get these situations where people will try out champions in Normal Play for the first time.

No matter how hard you can argue this point, the bot games don’t prepare you for fighting actual humans. The bots overextend and don’t react well in certain situations or react in a way other humans would. This argument is sort of dead in a sense that, you can gain familiarity with a champion in bot games for how they move on a basic level, but to use them to their full potential you NEED to fight humans. There’s no other way around it.

But there isn’t really an alternative.

Ranked Play has a different dynamic where it’s Draft Pick. You’re able to ban characters and counter pick the other team. This is the game mode where you NEED the knowledge that you learned about the game from Normal Games about each character, the items and everything that makes the battlefield the way it is. Hence why the requirement to play a Ranked Game is you need to work your way up to level 30 through a series of Normal Games to build up that knowledge.

Unfortunately, this also brings up the issue of no one has prior experience with Draft Picking unless you played in several Custom Games with 5v5 pre-made teams before entering ranked, and that pretty much never happens. Thus, you fall short on the knowledge of counter-picking because you’re always running in blind.

Where League of Legends currently stands, there isn’t an alternative for these two types of game play. It’s just Blind Normal and Draft Ranked. There isn’t a middle ground where you gain experience in Draft Picking before ranked and there isn’t a Blind game play mode that has a scoreboard.

As for solutions? While we can expect other game modes to come out, I think League of Legends desperately needs a Blind Ranked and a Draft Normal mode currently than other game modes like ARAM or Capture the Flag. This would help close some of the skill gap between people who desire to play ranked and to those who simply enjoy normal games, and despite it creating new problems. A threshold for playing a Draft Normal game could be put in possibly at level 25 as preparation for Draft Ranked if need be as the 25-30 range is where you play a majority of your normal games, at least in my opinion. It’s open for discussion, really.

April 5, 2011 / fcapuno

Some Champions you just can’t do magic with

I was in a recent game playing Akali after a long string of losses with her. My team was actually quite sociable, but it’s so easy how two-faced the community is after they see loss on the horizon. While it does seem like I’m QQ’ing, no hard feelings on my team. I would think we’d be good friends if we didn’t lose.

Our team composition ended up being: Akali (me), Katarina, Shen, Fiddlesticks and Ashe.

Solid burst assassins, a tank, a caster and our carry.

The other team packed: Mundo, Caitlyn, Twisted Fate, Katarina and Lee Sin.

Good tank, good carry, some crazy AP/AD carry-assassin hybrid of doom and stun cards, a burst assassin and an average melee DPS.

It actually might have been a good match up too. Unfortunately, due to my lack of skill with Akali, I ended up feeding admittedly at 3/11/4. I’ve played a number of games with Akali but I’ve never gotten scores that bad, but looking at my match history, it seemed pretty clear. Akali wasn’t exactly my cup of tea with 10/10/3, 5/7/1 and 4/5/3 on top of my 3/11/4.

And of course I get called a feeder due to my poor scores. That is actually one thing I will admit to doing, because I didn’t do anything right in that match.

I can say that team was extremely passive. I can say my screen lags due to Lee Sin’s particles (Seriously though. Tempest makes my FPS go down from 32 FPS to 8 FPS). I can say anything in the book to shift blame on something else.

In the end though, I was at fault.

I can support a team with Sona with a 3/0/28.

I can tank (rather poorly) with Singed for a 17/6/28.

I can gank enemy champions with Katarina for 24/2/10.

What I can’t do, is burst people down with Akali. I can’t burst down people with Nocturne. And I can’t play Lee Sin for the life of me. I can play game after game after game but the result is the same. I simply can’t do anything for these champions.

I suppose no matter how hard you try, there are just some champions you can’t summon up magic for.